Today's Home Buyers' Wish List

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Home buyers today are a discriminating bunch! There is so much inventory of houses on the market for sale that they really don't have to compromise their wish list in choosing a home. As most real estate agents, home investors, house flippers, and home stagers already know, the most common items today on their wish list include the following:

1) Location: We all know the saying "location, location, location," and it is still pretty much the most important factor to take into consideration when purchasing a home. It determines lifestyle, distance spent traveling to and from work, and resale value of your home when and if you decide to move.

Home Staging Audubon NJ2) Open Floor Plan: Buyers today want to have rooms that are easily visible from other areas of the home - such as a kitchen that is open to a family room. Here they are able to entertain easily and not feel shut off from their company, while also keeping an eye on their kids. These rooms tend to have much better light and better traffic flow - all adding to a brighter and more pleasant ambiance overall.

3) Hardwood Floors: Hardwood floors are so popular today because they are easier to maintain than carpet. Children and pets take a heavy toll on carpeting, so hardwood floors are a much better choice. They also look beautiful - giving the home a 'richer; look.

4) Updated Kitchen: Buyers want upgrades such as stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, easily maintained attractive flooring, as well as substantial cabinet space.

5) Updated Bathrooms: Newer faucets, lighting, mirrors, cabinets and flooring are desired.

6) Master Bedroom Suite: Most buyers want a luxurious, spacious bedroom with an attached bathroom, containing double sinks and tub/shower, for a spa-like feel.

7) Curb Appeal: You'll never get buyers' attention if the house doesn't look good from the curb. We all want to be proud of our new home when showing friends and family!

Appealing to the above items on a buyer's wish list will help your home stand out from the competition, and get it sold quicker. When buying a home, keep in mind what features will help with resale down the road. Just knowing what your buyer wants will make your job easier and faster when it comes time to sell your home.

"A goal without a plan is just a wish" - Larry Elder

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