Today's Home Buyers' Wish List

Jun 16, 2017      Share:   

Home buyers today are a discriminating bunch! There is so much inventory of houses on the market for sale that they really don't have to compromise their wish list in choosing a home. As most real estate agents, home investors, house flippers, and home stagers already know, the most common items today on their wish list include the following:

1) Location: We all know the...  

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Time For a Change: 7 Helpful Steps to Prepare your Home for Sale

Mar 23, 2017      Share:   

With the arrival of any new season, many of us pause and reflect upon our lives, and often decide that it is time to make a change. This change may include having to relocate or downsize, for various reasons, all of which will involve moving.

To prepare for an upcoming move, here are several steps to take now to aid in the process:

  1. De-clutter: Sort through...  

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