Vacant Staging

Vacant Home StagingVacant homes are a tough sell! They come across cold and uninviting, and leave buyers confused as to proper function and layout.

Vacant home staging is our specialty!

We work with successful investors / 'flippers', as well as individual homeowners, who know that in any economy a 'staged' home will bring a larger return on their investment than one left vacant and having multiple price reductions. Our inventory of unique items take it up a notch from the standard rental fare. Furniture / accessories / window treatments / linens, etc. - are all included. We will meet with you at the property to discuss your particular needs. Staging can be completed in as little time as one week!

Joan is a true professional and truly has a keen eye for design and staging. She shared her vision with me and was willing to also hear my ideas. She puts a design togther like pieces of a puzzle and does not miss any of the details. All of her small accents added up to an unbelievable design that absolutely blew us away. Our photographer commented on how many houses he sees in his travels and how ours was the nicest out of all in terms of design. Joan was easy to work with and had a great team of movers and an assistant. I would not hesitate to use Joan again on all future projects.

Eleni N.
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Occupied Staging

Joan worked with us to help us successfully sell our home. It was the second time we listed the house, and we decided to hire a professional stager. We selected Staged with Class to provide consultant service. Joan gave us a list to complete to get the house ready. We bought into the concept and decided to follow it through to the letter. The list was daunting, but we did complete. Throughout the process, Joan responded each and every time we asked a question or requested clarification. She also made additional suggestions as we shared pictures of rooms we had completed. The house was photographed and as we reviewed the pictures we were able to see how Joan's expertise and vision was right on track. The best news is we sold the house to the second couple that came through our home at our full asking price. Definite affirmation for us that hiring Staged with Class was the right decision for us.

Sheila R.

Redesign Services

Your ideas are awesome!! I love seeing your vision come to life--kudos! I love all of your suggestions; you have a great knack.

Rob K.

Redesign Services PhotoNot moving, but want a fresh, updated look for your home?

SWC will visit with you and provide helpful suggestions using your own furniture and décor where possible. We will make changes as desired by moving furniture and 're-purposing' items and rearranging artwork and accessories. Recommendations will be made for any items to be purchased that we feel would help bring your home's décor up to date and help you fall in love with it all over again!

Home Staging Consultation

SWC does a walk-through of the entire property, inside and out, looking at everything from curb appeal to wall color and furniture placement, making recommendations as to what changes and updates need to be made.

All suggestions keep in mind what will achieve the greatest impact and 'bang for your buck'. We will discuss your goals and address any questions you may have. Every recommendation will help prepare your house to show well on the MLS and sell quickly!

Before Home Staging Consultation Photo After Home Staging Consultation Photo Before / After
Home Staging Consultation